Help and FAQs for NAIVSKB Skateboard Bearings

What Are Skateboard Bearings 🛹

Skateboard bearings are the components that make skateboards move. These bearings are usually made up of a steel shell and a steel bearing. The steel shell holds the steel bearing together and gives it stability. The steel bearing is the part that makes skateboards roll; it's also what keeps skateboards from falling.

FAQs of NAIVSKB Skateboards Bearings

  • Do we need to lubricate the bearings with speed oil before skating?
    These bearings had pre-oiled before purchased, pre-oiled bearings did not speed same as the load-free's. Please remove extra oil with towel to avoid sticky dust at the beginning.
  • Can I get the extra spacers for the better experience?
    Our non-spacers version bearings need you to provide the spacers. Provided spacers version will bring you the best performance.
  • How often should we clean and lubricate my high-quality bearings?
    Depends on how often you skate, we recommend cleaning and lubricating your bearings at least once every 3-6 months. However, if you notice the bearings have become dry or noisy, then lubricate it.
  • Is it hard to install the bearings into wheels for the first time?
  • Install the bearing from the board wheels in winter or cold weather requires more effort for the installing.
  • What can we get from the outer package?
    The outer package can be retained and carried with the substitute bearing parts while skating.

How To Clean Skateboard Bearings 🛹

Cleaning skateboard bearings is an essential maintenance task to keep them performing at their best. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean skateboard bearings:

1. Remove the bearings from your skateboard wheels using a skate tool or a wrench.
2. Use a hash strong pin take out the bearing shields if there are any. This will expose the metal balls inside.
3. Soak bearings in cleaner solution, suggesting "citrus de-greaser" instead of "isopropyl alcohol, acetone or mineral spirits ".
4. Gently shake the container to help loosen the dirt and grime from the bearings.
5. Use a toothbrush or a soft-bristled brush to clean the bearings. Be gentle and make sure to remove all the dirt and grime from each bearing.
6. Rinse all pieces in warm water and dry with towel thoroughly. Make sure there is no moisture left in them.
7. Relubricate the bearings with skate lubricant. A drop of lubricant on each bearing is enough. Don't over-lubricate as this can cause dirt and grime to stick to the surface.
8. Put the shields back on the bearings and reinsert the bearings into the skateboard wheels.

Keep in mind that regular skateboard bearing maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Cleaning your skateboard bearings every 2-3 months or sooner if you ride in dirty/wet conditions is recommended.

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Steel Bearings
Steel bearings are very common.

They tend to rust when exposed to moisture, but they are more durable than ceramic bearings. These are good for high-impact skating like jumping stairs, but if you want more speed, you'll want premium ones.

Steel rotating rapidly often results in a buildup of heat, despite the fact that some perform well for speed. The metal expands as a result, increasing friction between the moving parts and eventually slowing the wheels.

Steel bearings are a good investment if you don't need speed and don't mind having to clean or replace them more often. They also tend to be cheaper.

Ceramic Bearings
Ceramic bearings are harder than steel bearings, but more brittle.

They roll extremely well, making them great for speed. And, they’re heat-resistant and won’t corrode with exposure to water.

These go well with any form of skating that has to do with speed, like downhill and even some vert skating. However, for crazy stair jumps where you’ll be landing with high-impact, steel or titanium bearings work better.

Ceramic bearings are often the most expensive kind so keep your budget and your preferences in mind here.

Titanium Bearings
Titanium bearings are similar to steel bearings in their durability.

Where they shine is in their corrosion resistance and heat resistance, making them an overall longer-lasting buy.

They’re generally a bit more expensive than steel bearings but still significantly cheaper than most ceramics.

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